Here's the Secret to Dandruff free, Bouncy & Thick Hair.

No woman is ever happy with the length of her hair at any given point, and so, a handy and easy hair growth tip is always appreciated. 
Before we dive into the tips, however, it is important to understand that no two people have the same kind of hair. Just like DNA, each of us possesses unique hair texture, type and properties, not to mention how you maintain your hair as well as the effect your environment has on your tresses. So it might be possible that some tips mentioned below will not work for you as well as they would work for other people.
Fortunately products such as Luxuri Hair Growth Actives & Luxuri Hair Regrowth Serum are there which not only treat alopecia,baldness & Hairfall but also boost Hair Growth.
By setting the right foundation & using haircare with plant extracts  and following a hair care regime can help hair grow substantially. Here are some other tips and tricks that can promote hair growth.

1. Massage Your Scalp
2. Regular Trimming
3. Maintain A Balanced Diet
4. Shampoo Correctly
5. Indulge In A Rice Water Rinse
6. Oil Your Tresses Regularly
7. Apply A Neem And Amla Mask
8. Use Aloe Vera Gel
9. Try A DIY Coffee Conditioner
10. Use An Egg Mask

Following all the steps is very time taking, that's why Luxuri's Hair Care Range is here for you to help you get rid of any hair problems & give you that bouncy & thick hair line you've always wanted.